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By observing the details in everyday surroundings, I find endless ideas from nature. It can be from a bashful shadow behind a Cereus bloom or a local bird in our Palo Verde tree constructing a nest for its young.

Canvas preparation is a valuable first step in my process. I first select the canvas taking into account appropriate size and dimension. I then personally hand stretch each one and finish it wish applied gesso. By doing this preparation, it gives me a moment to visualize the subject in its intricate steps. Working with oils has always been the medium of choice for me because it flows from the brush and is never the same application.

While I have lived much of my adult life in Arizona, I was born and raised in Minnesota. Art has been an important part of my life since age nine when my parents presented me with my first set of oil paints. The quiet of the studio still reminds me of my childhood, going for long walks beside the river on our property. The divergent climate and landscape of both Minnesota and Arizona has helped develop my personality as an artist.